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The Botanical Skincare range has show stopping packaging.  Truly beautiful.  I stumbled across them at Te Papa, then basically stalked Amy because I knew our customers would love them.  And guess what?!  Turns out the packaging isn’t even the best bit.  The products are also amazing, promoting peace and tranquillity (who doesn’t need more of that) while all the while smelling gorgeous.  The entire range is free from nasties; parabens, SLS’s, petroleum by-products and all forms of palm oil.  Horray!  Each product is extensively researched and is proudly made in Nelson.


What makes you most proud about Botanical Skincare?

What I love the most about what I do is working with and meeting other amazingly talented women that are like minded in working on their dream. I would have to be most proud of producing and designing products that are truly amazing to use, whilst being as natural as can be and environmentally friendly as can be.

 At SoL, we’re all about gorgeous things for amazing women. 

What’s your favourite “thing” and does it come with a story?

Hmmm, such a tough question.. as I like and use all of my products. But.. I guess if I had to choose, it would have to be my Orange Blossom and Vanilla Essential Night Balm with Retinol. Its a balm that smells beautiful, feels beautiful and truly make your skin feel hydrated and soft by morning. I had a huge following for this product and the comments are all the same, "I Love It". The story to go with this is that I once purchased a facial balm worth $650.00 from a very well known french cosmetic producer. Then it ran out.. so I had to create my own and with trial and error I did and it turned out better than the balm I bought all those years ago.


We love giving women permission to indulge. 

How would you spend an ultimate day of indulgence?

As a mother of two I find those moments of indulgence few and far between and nothing like they were before children.  However, its only now that I appreciate all those small moments (when I do get them) a lot more. But If I could dream for just a moment my ultimate day of indulgence would be taking a beautiful day walk in the Abel Tasman National Park on a stunning summer day with a picnic then a lovely dinner out at one of Nelsons fine restaurants and order bottle of perfectly chilled Chardonnay to enjoy in the evening. We are so lucky to have this beautiful park only 20km from our home and I try to do a day walk at least a couple of times a year. Oh and of course I will be in need of one of my Botanical Foot Soaks after all of that walking.

Who would you give a random act of lovely to and why?

To my beautiful sister and law, Rebecca. I have a few and they all deserve it, however this particular person is extremely generous and thoughtful. Shes a teacher, a personal trainer and a mother. She always makes time for those around her and is always a great laugh. I only wish she lived closer!

Need more guilt-free indulgence?

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