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The is an awesome story fit for a fabulous product.  I love it.  (The story AND the smoothie bombs.  They are so good!)  It started with a fussy eater, and a mum determined to ensure her daughter had sustenance for the day. 

It was super-mum resourcefulness that led Cinzia to create Smoothie Bombs at her kitchen bench, combining nuts, and seeds and superfood ingredients into pre-portioned boosters.  While at first Smoothie Bombs were hand rolled in the home kitchen, they are now uncompromisingly produced at a family run factory, using entirely plant-based ingredients which are certified organic and ethically sourced. Their packaging is also certified compostable and recyclable.


What makes you most proud about Smoothie Bombs?

I think what makes me the happiest is that it is helping so many people that are in the same predicament as me! My heart fills when I get feedback where mums telling me that the Smoothie Bombs have helped them fix their fussy eater problems.


At SoL, we’re all about gorgeous things for amazing women. 

What’s your favourite “thing” and does it come with a story?

A ring that was given to me when I was 21, many many moons ago. My father had bought it for my mum when they were 16 (back in the 50s) and it's a family heirloom. It's something I will pass on to my girls.


We love giving women permission to indulge. 

How would you spend an ultimate day of indulgence?

I totally agree! Most working women are juggling too much and are happy to just do nothing at home when they get a spare moment. I have a monthly massage scheduled in, this way I don't try and get out of it. If I were to have an ultimate day if would probably be in Ubud, Bali where I would start with mediation, an awesome fresh fruit breakfast, the works in a spa eg massage, scrub, flower bath, etc and then followed by a delicious early dinner.


Who would you give a random act of lovely to and why?

To my daughter that works so hard, a surprise holiday somewhere warm with a beach view!


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