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Ahhhhhhh, Summer. A time of beach and BBQs, picnics and living in your swimsuit.  Fluffy bathroom towels don’t quite cut it, which is why we went on a hunt to find a New Zealand supplier of the most gorgeous, softest, genuine Turkish towels.  (Everyone knows they are the best!)  Thankfully we found Izzy and Jean. With a glamorous and frankly inspirational social media account (#summergoals) and beautiful towels created by traditional artisans in Turkey’s textile capital Izmir, we were hooked.

What makes you most proud about Izzy and Jean?

I’m most proud that I took the plunge and started my own business. Izzy and Jean has been growing slowly and steadily since while I’ve had my two children (now 2 and 5). It has been a real challenge to have two babies and run a business at the same time, so I’m very proud that Izzy and Jean has come as far as it has. I’m also proud of every piece of positive feedback I get, and every happy customer I have.


At SoL, we’re all about gorgeous things for amazing women.  What’s your favourite “thing” and does it come with a story?

Oooh, my current favourite thing would be the gorgeous painting I bought at the Wellington Art Show last year. It is my first ‘proper’ art purchase and it brings me a lot of joy everyday. It was painted by Gisborne artist Holly Thomas, and it is large and bold.


We love giving women permission to indulge.  How would you spend an ultimate day of indulgence?

Well, just having a whole day without kids would be an absolute dream! I would probably go for a run, get my hair done and then book into a hotel and order room service!


 Who would you give a random act of lovely to and why?

So many deserving ladies, it’s hard to pick one. I think I would give it to my dear friend Rachel who is an inspirational woman and hard working mum, who never complains and makes a tough job look easy.


 Wrap yourself in pure cotton loveliness here:

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