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No one knows tea better than the Brits, and we are incredible lucky to be partnering with the tea-fanatics at teapigs.  The team have a phenomenal social consciousness, and the quality of their tea is second to none.  We love that there is a tea for whatever your mood; at SoL, we seem to drink a LOT of the calm tea….

Nick and Louise started teapigs in November 2006 with one mission – to get people drinking real tea again.  Louise has spent over 15 years sourcing and slurping tea – we’re pretty sure that makes her a tea guru!  And it shows – teapigs have racked up 90 Great Taste Awards over the years by handling whole leaf tea, whole leaf herbs, whole berries, whole spices and whole flowers gently and with love to maintain every drop of precious flavour.  Their teas come in a special tea “temple” – a biodegradable mesh bag that gives the whole leaves lots of room to infuse, while looking very pretty.


What makes you most proud about teapigs?

The team! I have loved seeing the team grow from two of us to 31 brilliant, lovely, smiley people.


At SoL, we’re all about gorgeous things for amazing women. 

What’s your favourite “thing” and does it come with a story?

Not sure if it falls under the category of ‘lovely’ but one of my favourite brands is Oatly. Their milks taste amazing (especially with matcha!) and their story and foundation in sustainability and not taking themselves too seriously is great. The packing is very cool too!


We love giving women permission to indulge. 

How would you spend an ultimate day of indulgence?

I love the countryside and the sea so it would be going for a really long walk along the beach in Norfolk, taking in some fresh air with a really good brunch and some good red wine at the end of the day! (us too Louise, us too!)


Who would you give a random act of lovely to and why?

Karen and Charles the couple who run the point foundation who we work with in Rwanda. We sell packs of our english breakfast tea and each pack gives a donation to the point foundation a charity who help vulnerable young people in Rwanda. Karen and Charles run the projects and are amazing kind people – they have helped over 5000 children in 13 schools and sponsored 81 pupils.

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