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Looking for Lovely...

Hi Lovelies

Isn’t this all a bit strange? Of course, there are moments that are tricky; a sense of despair of perceived inaction from some world leaders, frustration at the inability to control some aspects of our lives, and sadness at some of the stories that are reported. Let’s not forget there are also some more “micro” moments like the little ones asking what is for lunch and dinner halfway through their breakfast weetbix…. (cue rapid eye twitching….)

But happily, there is also much loveliness to be found. Examples of kindness in the community can bring me to tears at the moment (although I’m self-aware enough to know I’m "a bit" emotionally fragile just now), as can acts of bravery and resilience (I’m looking at you Captain Crozier, paramedics and so many other people relentlessness saving lives…) While not always covered in the media, examples of creativity, innovations and generosity from some organisations and industries has been exceptional. I’m convinced that the sky is bluer, and birdsong is louder. Maybe I’m just noticing it more. Either way, it’s lovely. (As long as those birds keep a respectable distance…)

And I’ve been thrilled to hear that some of the lovely things in your March boxes have been exactly what you’ve needed as a treat through this time. While self-care might seem trivial “in the scheme of things” we actually know it’s vital to help you: respond to difficult situations, restore your energy levels and boost your patience (and goodness knows we all need a bit of this at the moment!)

That’s it for today – look after your neighbour for sure, but it’s more than ok to recharge your own batteries too. I’m on a media ban after 8pm, and that’s helping, as are your stories of #lockdownluxuries, a peaceful bath with your Botanical Bath Bomb, a Jema Rose facemask with a glass of wine, or a warm Lunar Latte and a chapter of your book. We can’t wait to get the next boxes of lovely to you as soon as it’s safe to do so. And if you can’t wait or know someone who needs some lovely, we can get a gorgeous voucher to them or you pronto!

Take care of yourselves and each other

Jo x

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