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New Year New You? Resolutions DO NOT WORK!!!!

Hello lovelies

Are you still eating nothing but organically grown kale and spring mountain water? Going to the gym at least six times a week? Transformed your finances, given up smoking, sugar, caffeine, meat and many other of the joys of life? Keeping up with your daily meditation, spending more “quality” time with the kids (without as much as a small glass of that delicious Rose as you’ve clearly given up alcohol…) Reading the entire back catalogue of the Man Booker Prize and creating a perfectly Instagram worthy plastic free pantry? Yep. I thought so.

19th January is the date most of us are likely to fall off the wagon. New Years resolutions do not work. They’re almost always unattainable (despite my excellent intentions, I’ve failed about three of the above in the last ten minutes…). Setting lofty and vague goals is a sure-fire way of making a mockery of our hopes. And how hard are we on ourselves when we fail?! (I hear you critical self-talk, you don’t need to yell…) If we’re not careful, good intentions can become just another thing on our mental to-do list and lets be honest, that is already pretty full.

So should we pack it all in? After all according to Homer* “Trying is the first step towards failure”. (*Simpson not the legendary Greek Author. Man Booker prize-winners first, then I’ll get to the Greek Epics). You know the answer is no. (Back in the packet you go 20 Tim Tams). But I think we can do a wee bit better…

While we all have things that we want (or need) to improve, I’m not sure we spend enough time and energy appreciating how fabulous we already are and what is already great about each of ourselves.

It’s your turn to shine cheerleader self-talk. Bring out the Pom Poms!

I love the easy to preach harder to practice trick of talking to yourself the same way you would talk to a good friend. Celebrate progress not perfection, keep the tough love but be gentle on yourself in your thoughts and your words.

And we know to succeed at self-improvement there are going to be good days as well as catastrophic ones. That it takes deep conviction, specific and measurable targets a purpose that underpins your goals (the elusive “why”) and keeping track of progress. There are a million Aps for this. (But no mention of how to track if your goal is screen free Sundays and no blue light after 8pm arrrrrgh!)

But you know what I mean. Give yourself a break. If you are working on something good on you and good luck my friend. If some days brushing your teeth is as good as it gets – sometimes that’s enough. I’m off for a glass of Rose.

Jo x

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