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Just leave me alone...

Hello Lovelies

So I’ve just got back from Melbourne where I’ve been attending two trade fairs of the most gorgeous things… I pretty much wanted TO BUY ALL OF IT and cram it into next months boxes. Instead I took a deep breath, chose some of my favourites and I’ll share them with you in a much more orderly fashion!

An added benefit of this trip is that I’ve had some alone time. Much needed alone time. Social conventions dictate that I do need to tell you I love my family and I love my friends. But as an off the scale introvert, I thrive when I’m in parasympathetic mode. (It’s when we feel calm and focus inwardly). Science – back me up!!

Introverts desire for alone time is not antisocial or moody behaviour, it is a psychological need driven by their brain chemistry. Deprive of this and we will experience:

© Mental and physical fatigue

© Inability to concentrate

© Irritability

© Increased anxiety

© Depression

© Frustration and resentment

Eeeeek! No thanks!

Of course, it’s not possible to travel to wonderful Melbourne every time we need to recharge our batteries. But here’s some tips on how to fit alone time into your everyday, and most of all DON”T FEEL GUILTY ABOUT IT!!

So next time an introvert that you love needs some time out, send them off with your blessing knowing that they’ll come back better off for it. Oh. And maybe with a sheet mask. They’ll come back recharged and radiant!

Jo x

PS – Last chance orders for introverts and extroverts! Subscribe before 12th August for your subscription to start with our Awesome August boxes.

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