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Science proves self-care is a non-negotiable...

Hello lovelies!

Did you know 24th July is international self-care day? I’ve been thinking about how I could celebrate and came up with a wee mind map (seems I haven’t shaken off the shackles of corporate life just yet!!)

Annnnyway, because I’m a cynic, I’ve turned to science to help me make peace with embracing the “self-care is not selfish” pivot. It turns out:

· Self-care helps you be kinder to yourself

· Self-care enables you to respond better to difficult situations

· Self-care restores your energy resources

· Self-care boosts your patience and efficiency…

Sounds good to me. Find out more from these fairly credible sources (Perhaps some more than others! 😉)

Know someone who needs some serious self-care? Aaaaahhh, what an amazing friend! Subscribe as a gift before the end of July, and we’ll also send you a “Little Lovely” August box as a gesture of thanks. Please put #selfcare as the code at check out 😊

Jo x

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