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Good morning lovelies

I’m out in my office this morning surrounded by all your September boxes. Yes! They are hitting the road in the next couple of days. Every month, this is the moment where I am so excited to share them with you, but also the moment that after months of planning, I am sick with nerves that you love the lovely things inside…

What excites me the most is that you guys are excited about getting them too – it’s the joy of anticipation. And actually it is what Society of Lovely is all about. Wondering what is in the box, knowing that it is a wee indulgence just for you, and the pleasure of unwrapping and discovering.


Some of you lovelies take the anticipation further and sit with it on your kitchen bench until you find a peaceful moment where you can really savour it. Or as an antidote to a particularly horrible day. I love hearing these stories. My favourite is a lovely who locked herself in her own wardrobe with screaming kids on the outside and a glass of wine and her goddess box on the inside…

And my friend science will tell us that having something to look forward to is an important part of our well being. We all know people who book a holiday the second they hit the tarmac from their current one. Those who put up tinsel in October. Research has shown us that anticipating something can be a powerful, positive emotion that can help us live happier lives.

If you can project yourself to the beach you will be lying on once your holiday starts, this generates some of the benefits of being there. You can actually calm yourself by thinking about a relaxing trip to the spa you have booked. While we are programmed to seek instant gratification, certain types of waiting are highly satisfying.

So…. Enjoy your last few days of anticipatory joy. Your boxes of gorgeousness will be with you shortly

Jo x

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